Friday, 20 November 2015

24 Week Update - 20 Week Scan and Bump Photo

Hi everyone,

Hope your all well! I just uploaded a little update on how things are going but wanted to show you all my bump and 20 week scan.

So first things first i'm 24 weeks! Wow has that gone so quickly, been getting awful back ache and pelvic pain and been quite tired too, that might be down to the fact that i've not been sleeping well recently so that could be the reason, been stuffing a pillow between my legs and that helps a little! Let me know ways which helped you guys sleep a bit better :) I would appreciate it haha! So here is my bump shot which i'm sure a lot of you are hoping to see (well I think anyway :) ). I think it's got bigger since last time but I've been paranoid that it's not big enough and that baby isn't growing properly. What do you think? Do you think my bump is normal for this stage in pregnancy? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

24 Week Bump Shot

So back in October I went for my 20 week scan where we saw baby and they checked that everything was going ok. They said baby looks really healthy and that baby is the right size etc which I was soo happy about! The Sonographer was really nice but she was quite rough with the scanner, baby wasn't moving around much and was in the wrong position for what she needed to see so she kept pressing really hard on my right side which wasn't very pleasant... felt a bit bruised for a few days but at least she got to see what she needed to. It's amazing how much baby has grown already, looking back at the first scan photos I uploaded on here it's just so amazing that a little person has evolved from that little bean 20 weeks ago! So here's my beautiful little baby on the 20 week scan:

So let me know your thoughts and comments below as would love to hear from you all!

Lots of Love
Beth and Baby x

I'm back! Hello!!

Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't been doing my blog much recently had a lot on! But I'm now 24 weeks can you believe it?!

I will very uploading some photos of my bump and baby's scan too very soon so watch out for those.

I have been having a few symptoms recently mostly sort of back aches and pelvic pains... And some sharp pains in my tummy but I'm not sure if they are bowel related, something I'm going to tall to the midwife about.

How is everyone? I picked up my bounty and emmas diary pack the other day and was a little disappointed at how little there was included. The bounty pack consisted of some leaflets and a magazine and the emmas diary a few creams and a magazine is this what they are like now? Or do they get better with the one you get in your third trimester?

Talk soon!!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Another Update! 13 weeks!

Hey everyone,

So this is my 13 week update! Feel like it's gone so quickly already! I had my 12 week scan as you might have seen in my previous blog post and my little bean was so wriggly and looked so beautiful. I decided to book a private scan for when I'm just over 16 weeks and I haven't decided yet whether I'd like to know gender so hopefully If I do i'm hoping to do a gender reveal :) I'm also starting my youtube account soon so maybe you could follow me on that, there will be reviews, updates, just general chit chat really!

So symptoms this week have been:

A more noticeable bump! Woohoo!
Some more nausea
Food aversions
Sore boobs on and off

I have also been looking into at home doppler monitors but don't know much about them so If anyone has any info that would be great, just comment below.

Made a few hiccups this week on foods and what to eat and what not to eat, it's just soooo hard to keep to all of the rules! Hopefully all will be ok, fingers crossed. Got my 16 week midwife appointment coming up to so I will update on that too!

Lots of Love
Beth & Baby

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My 12 Week Update and Scan

Hey everyone!

So I went for my 12 week scan a few days ago and wow it was so amazing! Since last time I saw our baby he or she has grown so much and was such a wriggler so it was quite hard to get a photo and the measurements :) But they measured me at 12 weeks and 6 days when I originally thought I was 12 weeks 1 day so I'm now officially 13 weeks! :) How exciting!

So here is one of my scan photos:

As you can see, baby is lying upside down currently and just kept moving, I've never seen such an active baby before! It worried me a little at first but the sonographer assured me that it was normal :)

Symptoms this week have more or less been lots of dizziness and occasional nausea feeling, been really tired and just felt a bit bluergh but I'm almost in my second trimester which I'm really excited about! :)

Watch this space ladies, I will be uploading my 13 week bump soon!

Please leave any comments/thoughts below, I'd love to hear from you.

Lots of Love
Beth & Baby

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Few Questions For You!

Hi everyone!

So I have a few questions to ask you guys, comment below and let me know your thoughts:

1. When did you start buying baby bits? Even just little things to start making things seem real?

2. At what stage did you start to decorate the nursery?

3. Do you think that nursery furniture should match or do you think it doesn't matter?

4. What is your favorite baby supplier/designer?

So there's just a few to get started, I'd love to hear your opinions! :) 

Love Beth & Baby x

10 Week Update & Bump Shot

Hi everyone!

So sorry I haven't blogged in a while been feeling rather lousy, but hey i'm blogging today and I'm officially 10 weeks and 3 days woohoo!

So since about 5 weeks as you probably have seen in previous posts I've been feeling quite sick but nothing like this! When I hit the 9 week mark I've been feeling absolutely bluergh! If you get me... You know the usual ABSOLUTELY exhausted, dizzy, feeling sick, achy, constipated (sorry tmi!), feeling hot oh and the list goes on. Let me know how you guys felt at this stage, comment below or you can contact me via my twitter/pinterest/email - all at the side of the page!

I have my 12 week scan booked at the beginning of September and I'm so excited, but still nervous. I'm just so worried something is going to go wrong between now and then (so in the space of 2 weeks or so) but you know how us pregnant women worry :/

So I'm going to insert an image of my bump so far and I think (I hope) it's progressing ok! So here goes... Oh and I also wanted to mention that I had a scan at about 8 and a half weeks and baby was 24mm and apparently that was about a week ahead... so I could be having a giant! :S A little scared about that but we will see :D

So let me know what you guys think about my bump and symptoms for this stage, would love to hear your thoughts. Also wanted to mention I'm going to start vlogging on Youtube soon aswell so you can all follow my pregnancy journey.

Love Beth & Baby x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Apologies and ultrasound!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been posting recently had so much on! Got sone good news though,
I went for an eight week ultrasound and saw little beans heartbeat! Amazing or what! I'll insert a photo of the ultrasound picture. What an amazing feeling to know my baby is snuggled up all warm and safe. :-)